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If you’re looking to really find out more about Snowdon then there’s a great selection of books available. Many written by Tony Ellis known locally as something of an oracle of Snowdon and volunteer national park warden. Whether you’re after fast facts, historical photographs or an in-depth history of the mountain, there’s a Snowdon book for everyone.

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Snowdon - An A - Z of Facts and Trivia Tony Ellis

Snowdon – An A – Z of Facts and Trivia
Tony Ellis

A unique resource of thousands of facts and items of trivia about Snowdon, probably the busiest mountain in the world. Some refer back to the formation of the mountain millions of years ago, or to its shaping by the ice age, which came to an end a mere twelve thousand years ago, but most relate to man’s presence on Snowdon in the last 400 years, up to the present day. Organised alphabetically in over 250 short sections, and with over 150 illustrations, whether you’re after useful facts or far-from-useful trivia, this book will inform and amuse.

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Snowdon - The Story So Far Tony Ellis

Snowdon – The Story So Far
Tony Ellis

No mountain in Britain has a history as varied or full as that of Snowdon. This single volume details much of that history, from the mountain’s formation millions of years ago through to the challenges faced in the 21st century as a consequence of its unprecedented popularity. With a wealth of both information and trivia, drawn from early tour books and contemporary newspapers as well as recent surveys and future plans, and with some 400 photographs and other illustrations, never before has such a comprehensive history of the mountain been compiled.

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A Snowdon Timeline
Tony Ellis

Snowdon has seen a great many events and changes over its long history. This book documents, in chronological order, many of those events, from its formation millions of years ago and man’s first appearance, to the first documented ascent and the changes that have continued to take place right up to the present time.

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Snowdon in Old Photographs - Tony Ellis

Snowdon in Old Photographs (1850s – 1950s)
Tony Ellis

The first photographs of Snowdon date from the mid-1850s, a little over a decade after the construction of the first wooden huts on the summit. About a century later these monochrome images gave way to colour. This book presents a selection of over 250 images taken during that century, most of them subsequently published as postcards. Some subjects were popularly photographed, while others were largely ignored. Presented here are the images that the photographers of the time considered that the public wanted to see.

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Snowdon - The Summit Story Tony Ellis

Snowdon – The Summit Story
Tony Ellis

The summit of Snowdon has seen a great many changes since the first wall, cairn and huts were erected there. Then the railway arrived, which initiated a great deal more change. This book documents in chronological order a detailed history of the summit and is illustrated with over 200 photographs from the past 150 years or more.

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Welsh Place Names on the Snowdon Massif Tony Ellis

Welsh Place Names on the Snowdon Massif
Tony Ellis

On the Snowdon Massif are some 300 Welsh place names. Most relate to peaks, ridges, hills, valleys, rivers and lakes, but some are the names of isolated properties or other features. This book lists them all, with an English translation and a brief description of each location. With some 50 images, including maps, this is a useful addition for those who wish to know more about Snowdon.

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Snowdon: The Story Of A Welsh Mountain - Jim Perrin

Snowdon – The Story of a Welsh Mountain
Jim Perrin

‘For the whole of my outdoor life I’ve been under the spell cast by this most beautiful and redolent of British hills.’ – Jim Perrin The life story of the British mainland’s finest mountain is an enchantment, parcelled in Jim Perrin’s ribboned prose. Possibly no other mountain has more story attached to it than Yr Wyddfa, Snowdon. You can approach it from a surprising number of directions: from the secrets within its fractured rocks, its shy flora, its folk tales echoing an older race and its beliefs. Stone and hut circles, forts and cairns, travellers’ chronicles, industry, sport and an anthology of literature – in two languages – work on one’s mind, gradually revealing the mountain’s essence.

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A Pocket Guide to Snowdon: A Guide to the many Routes of Ascent - Russell Roberts

A Pocket Guide to Snowdon: A guide to the many routes of ascent
Russell Roberts

Snowdon is one of our finest and most famous mountains and has no rivals south of the Scottish Highlands. This book describes every recognised route to the summit – from the six classic paths to the many lesser known and less frequented routes. Also includes two full colour relief maps.

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Rock Trails Snowdonia: A Hillwalker’s Guide to the Geology & Scenery
Paul Gannon

This book explains to the hillwalker, in easy to understand but accurate terms, how geology has shaped the landscape of Snowdonia. A selection of seventeen guided walks is used to illustrate this in terms of what can be seen on the ground. This book, divided into two parts, is intended to help those who love Snowdonia s mountain scenery to understand how this haunting landscape came about.

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Pocket Rough Guide Staycations – Snowdonia & North Wales
Rough Guides

Explore the best of Snowdonia & North Wales with this unique travel guide, packed full of insider information and stunning images. From making sure you don’t miss out on must-see, top attractions like Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Zip World and Mount Snowdon, to discovering cultural gems, including the thirteenth-century Caernarfon Castle with its distinctive limestone and sandstone banding, twisting loops that make up the Ffestiniog Railway and the distinctive seaside ‘village’ of Portmeirion, the easy-to-follow, ready-made walking and driving routes will save you time, and help you plan and enhance your staycation in Snowdonia & North Wales.

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