Welcome to Snowdon Experts. We’re a team of mountain professionals who live and work around Snowdon and we’re passionate about this magnificent mountain. Our aim is to create a free resource that covers every topic around Snowdon whether you’re planning to climb it, walk it, take the railway or just have an interest in the mountain.

Snowdon, known as Yr Wyddfa in Wales, is the highest point in the British Isles outside of the Scottish Highlands and at 1085m (3,560 feet) above sea level and is visited by over 580,000 walkers each year plus around 140,000 more who take the train.

On this website you’ll find answers to every question you’ve ever had about Snowdon and more. We have detailed route plans for the six main Snowdon footpaths as well as a selection of other popular Snowdon walks. We tell you how to hire a mountain guide to take the stress out of your day, share our favourite Snowdon accommodation options and offer hints and tips to make your Snowdon ascent special.

Snowdon or Yr Wyddfa?

If you’re new to the mountain then it’s likely you’ve only ever heard it referred to as Snowdon but its actual name in Welsh is Yr Wyddfa (pronounced er-withva). This website is aimed at people who are looking to learn more about the mountain so we’ve decided to predominantly use the English name which is more likely what people are going to search for. However you’ll go a long way with the locals if you call it by its Welsh name when you get here! You can find out more by reading Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa – where does the name come from? and How do I pronounce Snowdon in Welsh?

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Climb Snowdon

If you’re looking to climb Snowdon and want a professional Snowdon mountain guide to help you reach the summit, then look no further than our friends at MountainXperience.